People Are Talking

"I love that you are a growing, evolving, creative force, Jenny Lens. You’re a survivor and thriver. Strong ass woman, Respect! Finding you so warm, real and engaging is icing on the inspirational cake!" ~ Jessica Tate, hair stylist.

"Jenny’s photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insight from one of the real talents

From her amazing shots of punks greats, to real world aptitude, I felt honored to catch some insider tips to apply to my day to day photos and try to go further than I thought before~ Mark Heck

"Jenny has a great knack to make you look around and capture the mood either through manipulating manual settings or making the best of what you have at hand. 

I would recommend checking out these courses to anyone who wants to dream big and get inspired. I would rate my course 10/10 for inspiration alone. Thank you Jenny!" ~ Mark Heck

"I consider you a source of info, if not an expert, on so many topics: art, photography, fancy computer web/tech stuff I know nothing about." ~ Andrea Stone-French

"You're remarkable," ~ Felicia Marie Tomasko, Editor of LA Yoga and Bliss magazines

“We were contacted by a large organization with press, radio and other media coverage within first month after Jenny Lens redesigned our ecommerce site. 

Our site rarely displayed by Google til she performed her magic! I couldn’t buy media coverage like that for what I paid Jenny. 

She organized info, provided search engine strategies, a total facelift and trained me to use it. 

We were in business 12 years and no large company ever found us. Our previous ecommerce site was a mess, badly designed and hard to find info.

Always a pleasure working with Jenny. Brightest, most energetic person I know.

Fun too. She’s tough, but results worth it!” ~Mark Martinez, graphic artist and designer

"Great Customer Service, Fast, Thorough and Knowledgeable. One of my new Facebook friends lives on the other side of the country. 

She is a photography icon, having been one of the main people to document the punk movement in California in the 70's. 

Talented in so many areas, she truly understands the "bones" of websites and how to put them together.

She just started digging into MINE! It was not put together well, and in an hour, she tossed things out, changed things around and cleaned house. Already looks much better, on the outside AND the inside. 

I so appreciate her communication as to what she was doing and why.

Blown away at how much she knows and how thoroughly she does her work. If you're looking for someone to build a site or help you with an existing one, check out Jenny Lens. 

Let her tell you what she can do for you! I just checked email and am BLOWN AWAY by all she is doing in such a short period of time! Totally customer-responsive, too. 

Contact Jenny Lens and see what she can do for you! She is amazing!" ~ Pamela Doughty, photographer

“Thanks for all the advice and support re my site design issues. Very useful and more than my designer discussed or suggested.” ~ Ashley Cherry

"So appreciate the help, tips, and your looking out for us! Thanks so much again for the info, Jenny!  

Love love love your work and FB your posts!!!!! Thank you so much and for your kind words. Keep in touch! xoxo" ~ Becky Ramirez Thorvund (free email advice for her non-profit WordPress blog hosting)

“Jenny Lens — thank you so much for your advice and support. You are a great teacher! Your true spirit and trustworthiness shine. You offered much needed advice and support on many occasions. I am grateful you are in my life.

You taught me to message people and let them know why I am friend requesting them (I assumed famous people would understand why I'd want to be their friend on Facebook). 

I can say I learned Facebook etiquette from Jenny Lens! On a larger scale, you taught me that Facebook friends can become REAL friends. 

I consider you a source of info, if not an expert, on so many topics: art, photography, fancy computer web/tech stuff I know nothing about, Barbie, good manners, old movies, books, musicals, yoga, being vegan and eating healthy, etc.” ~Andrea Stone-French, Facebook

"Omygosh Jenny Lens, just your spirit, your kindness and of course your outrageous talent! I've known you most if my life and think you are the greatest!" ~Liz Winchell 

THE Punk Rock Goddess Photographer! "YOU are THE Punk Rock Goddess Photographer!" ~Rodney Bingenheimer, the "Mayor of Sunset Strip." 

"Your work made me realize that every show was an EVENT, a moment outside "real" life that should and could be internalized and immortalized. Making the ugly look good and the good look ugly. And the music didn't suck either." ~Erich Dye, Facebook 

"Great pix. Jenny you are more than an artist. You caught the whole passion of those times. You should be world famous with all the financial security and recognition that brings." ~Liz Winchell, an early LA punk rocker 

Punk Photo Collectors

Jenny Lens photos are in the collection of Drew Barrymore, Linda Ramone (Johnny’s widow), Mickey Leigh (Joey Ramone’s brother), Flea, Rob Zombie and photographer Brad Elterman 

Many of my customer’s identity/achievements are not known because some photos are sold in galleries. Have not updated this in eons. All caps merely for emphasis, not shouting. 

"Hi Jenny, I have ADMIRED YOUR WORK FOR YEARS. I curate the Patti Smith Collection at the Mills College Library in the rare book room. 


“Hi Jenny, I got your photo yesterday. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. I will get it framed asap. 

YOUR WORK IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND MOVING. I will order more soon… best wishes, Robert.” 

“Am an old punk (physically only and even then not bad for my age) who came across Punk Pioneers and was very moved by your photography – it was a time of my life that changed me forever – we move as life moves and no one knows how it ends…

No I do not know you personally (as facebook requests) but perhaps those of us who felt the same adolescent angst and had it fade away by loving the same music might still “know” each other? Either way, thanks for all the great photos – nice eye - Gary.” 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. STELLAR PHOTO. Blondie/Debbie fans check it out. FIRST RATE!!! ~Larry, Blondie Debbie Harry 1977 Color.” 

“GREAT PERSONAL COMMUNICATION AND PACKING! PERFECT PRINT FROM A GREAT ARTIST!! The print arrived in perfect shape! IT’S A CHARMER. ~Andre, Tom Waits and Trixie. 

“YOUR WORK IS TRULY AMAZING. This is a Christmas gift for my sweet boyfriend who spent his youth listening to the Ramones and watching Kamen Rider in his grandparents living room on the Big Island. 


In fact, I wish I could afford a copy of each of your prints, because HE IS A BIG FAN OF ALL YOUR WORK. Your photo will be a wonderful reminder of those days. Thanks so much and happy holidays! ~Rachel, California, Joey and Kamen Rider, Nov, 05.” 



How clever of you to take such a UNIQUE PICTURE. As predicted, my husband is over the moon with his photo, a birthday present. THANK YOU!!”