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    Create Tarot Cards using Clip Art, Photos and Apps

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    • Free Intro Overview "Create Tarot" AND Intro to "Watch. Create. Shine" and other Online Workshop Courses from Jenny Lens, MFA, 99 minutes FREE PREVIEW
    • Dreaming Big Academy - Workshops Guided Journal
    • Workshops Guided Journal Info
    • Download either the Complete 40 Custom Curated Textures or Individual Smaller Files
    • Download either the Complete 25 Curated Fine Art Photos or Individual Smaller Files
    • Download 13 LA Punk Images for Tarot Fun
    • Download 8 Coloring Book Pages: Flowers, Dreamcatchers and my Punk Photos
    • Facebook Group Tips and Rules
    • Tarot Links: Symbols, Visual Resources (Clip Art, Stock Photos, Fonts), Books, Decks and Printers
    • Tarot PDF1 - Discussion of Clip Art and Stock Photos, 37 minutes
    • Tarot PDF2- Discussion of Creative Commons and Museums, 65 minutes
    • Tarot PDF3- Discussion Intro to Tarot Resources, 61 minutes
    • Tarot 1- Introduction to Photoshop and Lightroom, 52 minutes
    • Photoshop Color Picker - Color Wheel - Hue Saturation, 17 minutes
    • Tarot 2- Coloring Book Pages: Adding Colors, Gradients and Intro to Textures, 72 minutes
    • Tarot 3- Selections, Textures, Hue and Saturation, 52 minutes
    • Tarot 4- Simple Tarot Layouts and Layer Effects (fx), 98 minutes
    • Tarot 5 - Painting and Advanced Storytelling, 98 minutes